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Streetwear Shoe

In our shop, a large selection of streetwear shoes so that you don’t miss the super trendy product(s) you want to acquire in your wardrobe. You will certainly find the pair that suits you best in our selection of models.

The Universe of Sneakers Shoes has completely evolved in recent years and have become essential. These sports shoes unleash passions and have become a true fashion icon and a lot of followers around the world. It has become a true way of life for fans of this sneaker.

For a trendy and free look is also found in the phenomenon of the shoe with the Sneakers . The ambition is to create your own style either with low sports shoes or high- top sneakers .

Many combinations are possible in shoes with many variations of ever more extravagant colors. The major brands have battled with skill and nerve to make a mark in this very buoyant field.

These urban style pairs match all environments with their modern, relaxed, comfortable side in combination with a sportswear outfit for a lifestyle fashion . Its sometimes multicolored touch gives a rather eccentric side. They are generally made with a foam sole inside and quite thick with high quality materials for maximum comfort and which also guarantees resistance over time.

A closet overflowing with shoes , each one more stylish than the other, is really very appreciable. Those that do not go out of fashion and are always in trend that can be brought out every year without being out of fashion. It is almost impossible to get tired of this style of basketball which are timeless and which we will find for many years at our feet.

Low Canvas Sneakers

These sneakers have a dazzling effect for a bewitching retro look that women and men love to wear and are appreciated for their rounded and simple line in white or black tones. They are not about to go out of fashion in the years to come.

Skateboarders like to choose them with a consolidated toe, very practical and above all very comfortable for their very acrobatic sport. This style of basketball gives something very streetwear in all situations.

Canvas High Tops

High -top canvas shoes are an iconic model like the Converse that everyone has had in their wardrobe since the 70s, it’s a safe reference that can be worn with all possible outfits and in all seasons, for walking, going to school or in the evening. They are very stylish and very solid. They can be found in all possible color variations such as blue, pink, black, white, purple, beige with prints or two-tone for the pleasure of everyone, they are very easy to wear and light.

Sneaker-style shoes

Sneakers with large wedge soles that had not reappeared for years are making their appearance again with this new fashion for sneakers , they are very imposing with very thick soles. They are found at the feet of everyone but quite difficult to wear. For this pair of sneakers you have to find a good balance with the outfit worn because the aesthetics of this shoe is particular and this can cause a big lack of taste. This model of shoe greatly enlarges the foot and gives a rather bulky foot appearance.

Multicolored Basket

Shoes Sneakers Socks

Sock sneakers are an increasingly dominant trend. They are a futuristic, cosmic style with a simple, more or less high cut that also reminds us of diving shoes. It’s a big trend, it can be worn with pants, a skirt for a very offbeat and sportswear touch . They are soft and comfortable to wear. Women ‘s sneakers and men’s shoes that are perfect for both styles of people and for all occasions in spring summer, they will be ideal.

Shoes for Dad Shoes

Their name comes from the fact that our parents had the same kind of basketball in their time. These flat sneakers rely on comfort and longevity to go on a trip, in the mountains, in the office with a traditional model that is between performance and elegance with quite classy and original autumn beige colors that will go with all your outfits and to stand out. They are quite classic and frankly very practical for walking. You will also find them in multicolored for a trendy look.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are iconic and simple, they go with all styles and types of outfits, from dresses to denim shorts and slim jeans…

It is a non-debatable choice because it is a pair with character by its beauty, its classic and simple shape that makes it a balanced shoe with its white laces. This line allows a finer curve of the foot which makes the shoe very pleasant to wear like slippers. They are worked with light stitches and good quality with assured comfort with a sole that combines flexibility and resistance. The

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