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Streetwear is more than a fad according to fans, this way of dressing dates back to the 1980s.

This fashion comes to us from the United States, more precisely from the city of New York where leaning for this style of dress arrived.

The starting point of this fashion phenomenon comes from the young people of the ghettos who inspired this way of dressing because they had little recourse to assert their personality.

It is in this way that this youth who did not have a lot of money and who could not offer very expensive clothes to show their belonging. It was the way the garment was dressed that made all the difference, not the garment itself.

Streewear made its appearance in the following years in the artistic, musical and sporting world. This appearance is done at the fantasy and identity of each person.

This style spread as far as Europe as a propagation effect. Rappers have not failed to be seduced by this trendy look as well as surfers and skateboarders. This sartorial taste is a symbol of lightness and comfort. Looking closely, we notice that it is a rather urban style.

More comfortable in bombers than in a suit jacket? The Urban Cut of a clothes is the outfit you prefer compared to the basic that you find bland? It’s not the end of the sporty style of clothing yet . It is the urban streetwear style and it can be refined while being pleasant to wear in all occasions.

Westerners consume Asian streetwear for their shape, color or pattern that they cannot find elsewhere in ready-to-wear. It’s not just a men’s fashion because women are also becoming followers of this concept.

The tracksuit

These are the most comfortable pants you can find, impossible not to have already worn. This is what will directly highlight your sneakers. As for the pants, there is the jogging more precisely called the tracksuit which is considered as sportswear or you will still have the denim pants .

The Streetwear Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are suitable for a perfectly casual look, whether hooded, zipped, to put on with a long or wide cut for a very trendy style but to keep a certain comfort, warm and soft. This zipped sweater or sweatshirt is easy to wear, it only has advantages for men or for women and all sports personalities or not. It is available in several models and goes well with all styles, whether trendy, classic or casual, whether worn on weekends or during the week.

Coat or jacket

A casual jacket with a closure or buttons, with large or thin lapels, you will immediately have the impression of a tailor-made suit that evokes the suit which will give an explicit whole to the outfit. Long jackets go very well with a hoodie which will go perfectly with the cool seasons of autumn and winter. A jacket or parka will also do the trick with a navy blue shirt or polo shirt and slim jeans or trousers for a very casual chic look .

Streetwear Shoes or Sneakers

Sneakers are the very fashionable shoes at the moment and when we talk about Streetwea r about sneakers, these can break an outfit or make all the difference. But they can also very quickly empty your bank account because they remain quite expensive and you must therefore choose them very intelligently.

The Printed or Graphic T-Shirt

If you are looking for a streetwear style , you absolutely need basic, graphic or printed short-sleeved cotton t-shirts or a long-sleeved jersey for cooler days, you can find them in many colors. They are versatile and go well with jeans or basic streetwear pants with a simple little jacket. They bring simplicity to a basic outfit. The graphic prints or the cuts of the t-shirts adapt perfectly to so-called hip-hop outfits for the spring summer season.


It is these oversized clothes, large size or XXL  that adapt to any corpulence of the young or less young because they exist very sophisticated forms which pass above the aspect. A large mottled sweater with a loose wool blazer will do the job perfectly. Wide jeans with a close-fitting round neck tank top are all the rage with open jackets.

The oversize can be worn in different ways, so you have to be careful about bad taste so as not to pass for a bag of potatoes to those around you or colleagues.

The Logos

In order not to look like a giant advertisement, you should not wear too many logos. You have to limit it in the look and the simple and discreet outfit will be perfect to confuse this style. The best thing is to differentiate yourself with brands that are not widespread and fairly discreet. It is better to dress with a t-shirt with an original pattern that will provide an original effect to the outfit rather than a huge logo that appropriates the whole jersey.

Accessories: Do not mix everything

Do not forget that a cap is not only embellished with a sports outfit and which can be styled in autumn winter streetwear garment with another more simple and classic piece will do the job perfectly and will give the result a sophisticated look.

In conclusion, it is not because you work in a big company or an office that being dressed in dark and bland clothes is on point and that fashion should be forgotten. Streetwear has a wide choice to personalize its outfits . This style is not given only to youth and “rappers”. With few resources, you can corner this fashion of urban culture . But you have to keep in mind that a garment should be timeless and not go out of fashion a few months later. It is best to buy classic and temperate clothes. You turn to sportswear clothes that you like in the first place but without forgetting which also highlights you.

Of course you will find a large selection of Streetwear clothing for men or women in all sizes in our Online Shop to satisfy you at best and to enhance your dressing room or your dress.

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