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Korea Fashion

We are going to tell you about a craze for fashion trends that takes its peak among young people: Korean Fashion . This does not only attract young people in UK, but throughout Europe as well.


In the past, the reference was Japan when invoking Asian fashion, which is no longer the case today. Harajuku fashion , which once referred to the style of excessiveness, has been overtaken by Korean Style in recent years.

South Korea is considered to be the country at the forefront of fashion and the West and the rest of the world are looking to it to keep pace. We can see merchants and young people dress completely offbeat and in another style, another universe. There is something for everyone, a different look depending on age and season.

This new inspiration is spreading in the surrounding countries and around the world, thanks to this timeless craze nicknamed ”  Hallyu  “. This term was coined by the Korean Government to spread its culture through music, fashion, theater, cinema and cosmetics. Despite the language barrier, it was like a big fever that spread very quickly, starting with China in the 1990s, and the rest of Asia years later, America and Europe followed. .

This is confirmed by the growing number of fans who desire to adopt the same style as the stars of K-Pop and Drama.

It is clear that Korean designers are having fun with patterns and varieties of colors and fabrics in clothing. Details remain the strong points of Korean fashion: fun patterns on a t-shirt, ruffles and lace on a shirt, asymmetrical play on a skirt ranging from casual streetwear pants to  essential ” Kawaii  ” sets. Korean brands and designers are extremely bold, sharp, creative in women’s and men’s fashion, and really, really good to buy.

Korean Fashion is not just limited to the bling-bling or pastel panoply. It combines classic style with modernity.

It is a fashion that can be adopted to get out of the ordinary. Flashy and shiny colors can go well together. Some brands are recognizable by their customary and unchanging cuts that combine different colors with atypical prints. It gives an impression that is both urban and Asian.

Check skirt

Korean Stars and their style of dress

You should know that the look of each K-Pop group or artist is well explored, it’s part of show business! It’s a source of pride to look different from others, to be distinguished by their extraordinary style of clothing such as very wide pants with suspenders and the unavoidable rather original socks.

The Sneakers Trainers are related with talent. They allow themselves to spice up a classic and showy look. It’s a mix of sportswear and fashion for trendy people. For shoes, it’s a 200% comfortable and urban look. It’s a very casual streetwear oriented style for clothes straight from the sporty side like jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts…

Might as well captivate as many groupies as possible for their audacity. For girls, we rather notice an attractive look with a short skirt and sexy and low-cut tops, printed shirts or even a blouse with stripes or asymmetrical, fluid and colorful clothes, but also a basic T-shirt. And don’t forget the make-up and elegant accessories that enhance outfits for a fashion trend .

Fashion Accessories

You should never underestimate the importance of accessories to be at the forefront of fashion. It’s kind of the finishing touch to the outfit for women.

Koreans know that accessories can completely change your fashion. This feminine trend is found in barrettes, all girls own barrettes and thanks to this Korean fashion trend. Mix and match all your clips to create a look that shows off a great hairstyle.

The bohemian touch is the jewel, it gives a refined effect and also extends towards a more retro universe without being too aged, with pearly or bronze metals. Colourful, refined, it is available in several aspects, with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and watches that can match temperate individuals as well as extravagant personalities with a lot of femininity.

The favorite accessory of Koreans is still the bucket hat . In any dressing room you will find bobs. This must-have K-Fashion hat that can be worn on all occasions and with all styles. Country outfits, rock style, sporty look… The bob is on everyone’s mind and especially to have in your wardrobe.

Aviator sunglasses are another trendy accessory for young Koreans. These glasses are bold and big: this helps to add the overall look to the outfit.

However, a simple pair of sunglasses can make all the difference.

But aviator glasses can go with almost any outfit you wear and match really any color and give a chic look.

 Pins are also used to reinforce his personality. It’s a recurring trend, because when we usually think of scarves, hats, watches and the like.

We do not think that a brooch is an accessory for women that can emphasize our style. Brooches are all the rage in Korea as they are one of the most creative ways to dress up one’s outfit. These little ornaments change the whole look and add a lot of refinement to the outfit.

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