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Reflective clothing

The wave of Reflective Clothing has arrived!

This style and fashion has recently arrived in South Korea and is spreading to Europe and all over the world, it is growing more and more in this style called Streetwear . This kind of clothing is no longer associated with road or construction workers. You can find them in the big fashion shows of great designers, so they have allure and style. Most of the major brands have associated this reflective fashion in their collection for women’s and men’s clothing.

These are notable shiny garments with their basic look and coloring but of course with their high potential to glow in the dark.

These outfits evolve over time and with each season. They have invaded social networks and major retailers. If you don’t know what to choose as a jacket, down jacket, parka, windbreaker that would go perfectly with either a jogging set, a tracksuit, pants, a skirt, a dress, shorts, boots, shoes or even trainers.

Reflective Jackets and Down Jackets

There are all kinds of jacket shapes ranging from jackets, down jackets, parkas and windcheaters. There are reflective down jackets in the very advanced Kawaii style universe in South Korea  ! This Reflective Women ‘s Down Jacket is very popular with Korean women for its design that makes you dive into the imagination. To stay distinct day and night!

The Short Reflective Down Jackets slightly resemble the previous one with an added touch of elegance that can be equipped with a lace to adapt your style to your liking. Korean women like it because it can be combined more easily with different outfits. You will find long-sleeved and short-sleeved down jackets, bombers, jackets with side pockets and buttons for men and women.

Down jackets inspired by mountain coats with a more voluminous style. It will keep you warm all the time in autumn winter. The cold will not be a problem for you. Its fluorescent effect is really surprising.

Reflective jackets with a removable hood or hood will be the jackets and coats that will keep you dry in wet weather and warm in freezing weather. While remaining elegant with a phosphorescent style of women’s jacket and men’s jacket! Nothing can stop you, not even the cold or the rain. This look and style is often paired with a reflective wool knit beanie for winter or a hoodie.

In addition to being essential, reflective jackets and down jackets are unisex for both women and men. Streetwear aims to appeal to different personalities and remain accessible. It could be the perfect gift for her boyfriend or girlfriend.

You can therefore put together a hooded jacket and down jacket with pants, tracksuits, jogging bottoms, skirts or jumpsuits.

The Phosphorescent Tracksuit

Because it’s not just men who love style and being seen at all times. Koreans love street style and glow-in-the-dark sets even more so the tracksuit is perfect in those cases. It often consists of a nylon jacket with a high collar and fairly wide sleeves with tightened elastic cuffs, with zipped pockets and at the bottom of the jacket an elastic band and a metal or plastic zipper. The pants are jogger-style with an elastic waistband, two front pockets and a slightly fluid fit and stretchy ankles.

Reflective Jogging

This Women’s or Men’s Reflective Jogging Set is one of the most popular outfits for young girls and teenagers  ! Because their dimensions are practical and their relaxed style particularly appeals to young high school and college girls, but not only to them. You can find models with striped patterns which add a touch of nuance to the fluorescent effects. The cut of this garment is very often classic and tapered, with fitted ends and side pockets for an ultra-lightweight fabric with a smooth finish.

Reflective Pants

The reflective pants thanks to its simplicity and pleasant materials, it is the most used outfit in South Korea. With its straight, skinny or slim fit and its fluorescent effect , it can be combined with all styles for men and women. The pants have a high, stretchy waist with side pockets, its classic cut and elastic edges that will adapt to any body type. It focuses on functional suit pants. There are mid-season, comfortable, waterproof pants that can be worn with a blazer, a sweatshirt, a sweater or even a shirt that can be found in your dressing room.

Reflective T Shirts

Reflective T Shirts are essential clothes in wardrobes, they range from basic with a simple cut, to endless colors with or without patterns. There are t-shirts with phosphorescent designs, lines, drawings for more streetwear outfits . And alternatives with sleeves or sleeveless for spring summer. There are sleeved t-shirts in two materials or a tank top that we often see worn with raw jeans, slim jeans, leggings or shorts and a pair of sandals.

Reflective Shoes

It’s the big fashion for reflective shoes but it’s not just for trainers and sneakers, even heeled shoes are not exempt from this trend. A garment even a little dull or a classic little black dress will love or even basic timeless navy blue jeans will be perfect. They are part of the streetwear or sportswear style , they are fresh and unique and above all very trendy. With their thick shapes, in faux leather, their white soles, they give a baroque and kitsch appearance.

Phosphorescent Jumpsuits

It is a spring or autumn ensemble that is loved by young women in South Korea. Flowy reflective jumpsuits are quirky and unique and suitable for all girls older or younger that fit all casual body types. Often worn by rolling up the sleeves, wearing a bandana in the hair with a short jacket or a zipped jacket and moccasins.

Phosphorescent Skirts

The phosphorescent skirt is most often worn in South Korea during the summer by young women. Because Koreans like trendy outfits and light clothes because it is very hot and humid in summer in Korea. Lightness is the watchword during the summer in the Land of the Rising Sun for women’s fashion.

The skirts often have a Streetwear style for a very trendy, feminine and glamorous look, they can be found with an elastic waistband, front pockets and laces or thin straps. These reflective skirts can also be worn with tights, sweaters, elegant boots, chic derbies, ankle boots and a long jacket.

Reflective Swimwear

We find the reflective bikini for girls who want to wear streetwear even in the hottest periods and be seen on the beach, it will be perfect for the summer season. It is a garment that works very well and is very popular. It will be ideal for your holidays in the sun, for swimming and for sunbathing and that you will wear under a fancy beach dress, a large fitted tunic, a casual oversized cotton blouse or a mottled shawl, all topped with a plain denim jacket for a feminine look.

Reflective Caps

This collection of reflective caps and bucket hats are also very trendy accessories, this utensil is suitable for all clothes and is a sensation in South Korea and will also protect you from bad weather and the sun. You will find a whole sample of headgear on the shop for all tastes and personalities.

Reflective Bags

The fluorescent bags will be useful for carrying your personal belongings and in addition to giving you a trendy look , it will also make you feel safe with its reflective strips . They will go perfectly with your clothes for a streetwear style in your day and night walks.

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