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The Umbrella ! This essential accessory for all the occasions of our little lives. It was time to tell you about it because its usefulness is still far too little known in ready-to-wear… And yet! Dating back to antiquity, this object remains necessary and timeless for those who live in a place where rainfall is part of their life all year round. Umbrellas are indeed always essential in the four corners of the world, whether humid, rainy, or even very sunny.

Large Umbrella

It must be recognized that these bizarre-looking devices, from another time, were first invented by the Egyptians , in order to create shade to avoid the brightness of the sun. Subsequently, the Chinese took advantage of it to protect themselves against the rain by applying a paste of wax and lacquer to their wooden parasols. Today, we use this article, especially during winter and autumn days, when bad weather often takes its toll. And nothing better than feeling protected and having your winter jacket and your feet dry!

His history

First of all, the name “ umbrella ” comes from the Latin word “ umbra ” which means shadow. Which means that umbrellas are used both when it’s raining and when it’s sunny. This is why we know that our umbrellas will find their usefulness in your hands, depending on the weather of the day.

You may not know it, but these very old objects have come a long way over all these centuries since their invention. Around 4000 years ago , the Egyptians used ‘giant’ umbrellas to create shade from the glaring rays of the sun. For several centuries, the umbrella was also very discriminated against and stereotyped during the 18th century. Indeed, it was mainly the ladies who used umbrellas against bad weather, and parasols during very hot days. But alas, this object, so effective as it might seem, was despised by the male sex until the 18th century. It ‘s Jonas Hanwaywhich during the 18th century changed the trend! This man was the first to use it in the streets of London, thus breaking this cliché and marketing it for the entire population. Without him, the spirit of ” Gentleman ” would not exist.

Its impact on society

To continue the sociological criticism of this thing that has been absolutely indispensable to us, we can notice that the umbrella is not only important to protect you from the rain , but in many cultures it gives a very influential and far-reaching image. In Chinese cultures for example, paper umbrellas symbolize good luck , protection against wars and evil spirits , and bless longevity . So if you don’t have an umbrella, it is time to invest so that it brings you its protection. However, some cultures are not lacking in imagination and also find very innovative uses. Indeed, several ranges of products are available to accompany you during ceremonies , especially during weddings ! In Tibetan culture , this rain-resistant product is highly respected because it prays to the Buddhist goddess ‘Sitatapatra’ , which when translated into English is called ” the white umbrella “. As with Chinese cultures, the “white umbrella” goddess represents protection from supernatural danger.. As you will have understood, pray for this goddess allows a whole people to be protected from storms , showers and humidity linked to the climate of the Tibetan mountains.

Now that you know the story of the umbrella , we can discover its obscure aspect…

In some movies , umbrellas are often used in movies as secret weapons , using the great example of the movie Kingsman , where spies used umbrellas for elegance and power . Although it would seem that movies like Kingsman were actually inspired by real-life events involving spies and assassins , who actually use umbrellas in battle !

However, it must be remembered that the imagination does not stop there! Indeed, umbrellas can be used and considered as weapons of defense . See its usefulness! They will always remain faithful to their main task, which is to protect us from showers , drizzle , drizzle but also fire , dog attacks , or even aggressive males. If you were President of the Republic, your presidential bodyguards have the ability to protect you with it! And yes ! It has been part of the equipment since 2011. But they are not made like the ones sold commercially. In fact, they are covered withKevlar and weighs 2.2 kg . To each his own umbrella…

Now you know the usefulness of the umbrella in all these forms or almost, you understand that it is very useful to have one! Already, this will save you from getting your hair wet, especially for women who like not to curl their scalp, but also your pants and other chic outfits like a suit! Unless you want to do the ” wet t-shirt contest ” at the local campsite!

Useless or not? It’s for you to see…

With its breathable and light material , mainly in polyester or nylon , it has nothing to envy to the poncho, the softshell, the coat, or even the hooded windbreaker for a hike or during your ski trip. Its waterproofing effect allows the rain to turn into pearls and slide to the ground without wetting your blazer or your long fur jacket and your comfortable gloves. Its breathable and waterproof coating easily replaces the hood of a zippered coat or a small women’s bomber-style zippered jacket. In bad weather, these strong seams will ensure that your umbrella will protect you at all times. One invention, that of the backpack umbrella , has been the subject of 11 patents worldwide . The spirit being that they are hands free . The advantage is that you don’t have to hold the umbrella. The possibilities are limitless! How useful to finally be able to write text messages on your smartphone while being protected from the showers of March!

In addition, the umbrellas are waterproof and cold-resistant , withstanding the gusts of wind in October.You will find your happiness! The choice of colors and prints will allow you to combine your outfit with your accessory, the umbrella , and will allow you to stay dry in all circumstances. Of different sizes , the little ones can be stored in your handbag thanks to their small protective cover to avoid soaking your belongings inside your bag. The cuffs will allow you to hold them without particular constraints and to keep your sleeves dry.

Remember that umbrellas give you freedom of movement . Indeed, its very practical opening is easily done in a flash as well as its closing. Pleasant in autumn winter, thanks to their colors, you will even find reversible ones , transparent and two-tone , gray , black , striped or plain , which will keep your shoulders dry. The umbrella will brighten up your sad winter days. Ideal, it replaces a rain jacket , and fits easily in your dressing room. This accessorywill accompany your casual outfits as well as your most chic outfits. Timeless , it stands the test of time over generations and adapts to everyone’s desires.

The future of umbrellas

If you don’t like umbrellas , then just wait until 2046 for the release of the “ Compact Parisian Auto ” by designer Daisuke Iguchi . This electric, self-driving car is aimed at tourists who want to explore Paris independently, and it’s perfect for rainy days when you want to avoid crowded public transport.

While waiting for the release of this mini-car in 2046, you can invest in an umbrella instead , which does practically the same job, but with much less storage space, since it even fits in your bag with its absorbent cover. and at your fingertips!

Do not forget that in our shop you will find your happiness. In summer, you can accessorize your women’s outfit with a pretty beige lace parasol or with embroidered umbrellas . Think about it for wedding ceremonies . This will give a more chic look to your style .

In mid-season, your umbrella will manage to protect you with a khaki windbreaker, or with a pretty little gray hooded parka. Or even with a jacket with a light wool lining or a sweater with a high neck. Stored in your navy blue bag, thanks to its waterproof cover , it will always be close at hand in case of bad weather .

We also offer for men, a more designer umbrella with Japanese-style patterns with its katana handle that would go well with a streetwear or casual chic outfit from our blog . Like for example street pants, with a zipped fleece jacket with pockets. You will also find long-sleeved waterproof ja

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