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Museums in Souh Korea

If you are planning to visit South Korea , you might be looking for activities to add to your itinerary. Why not stop by the Best Art Museums in South Korea ? Whether you are a  novice  in this field or an expert in the arts , you will find what you are looking for in the various museums offered by this article . After all, South Korea is recognized as the country with the most private art museums in the world. Here is a list of our favorite museums that we recommend for your greatest pleasure.

Hyundai Gallery

This gallery is Seoul’s oldest art gallery , but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting.

Hyundai Gallery

From year to year, improvements have been made, which brings a hidden to this museum which is a true masterpiece today. It is split in two , one in Gangnam and the other in Sagan-dong , so be sure to stop by at least one of them!

Ho-Am Art Museum

This museum is located in 

Everland , South Korea’s largest theme park , is a beautiful art gallery inside a traditional hanok building .

Ho-Am Art Museum

Here you will find 

national treasures as well as 

more contemporary pieces . You will travel through time.

Yeh Gallery

Modern art more your style? Then this iconic gallery in Gangnam will be just the thing for you! it houses the works of art of many international and Korean artists .

Yeh Gallery

The exhibitions change regularly in order to follow the artistic scene of the moment . Why not take advantage of a break to stop there?

National Folklore Museum of Korea

Are you visiting the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace on your trip? Be sure to go to this museum while you’re in Seoul .

National Folklore Museum of Korea

Here, you can learn more about the domestic and agricultural lifestyle of ordinary Korean citizens in the Joseon era . We found it fascinating, and we’re sure you will too!

Leeum – Samsung Art Museum

If you only have time for one museum on your trip, this is definitely the one you should see! It features traditional as well as contemporary art pieces from Korean and international artists .

Leeum - Samsung Art Museum

Even the buildings themselves are a work of art, as they were each designed by world-renowned architects .

You will also find other types of museums . These will seem eccentric to you, but if you are curious to learn even more about South Korea , we advise you to take a look…

South Korea is a very dynamic Asian destination and best known for two things, K-Pop and K-Dramas . You will therefore understand that it would not be surprising if your itinerary includes many popular film sites , offices of entertainment agencies , not to mention specialty stores . But this country is also overflowing with fun and quirky museums . We invite you to discover some of them during your visit.

Seoul Figurine Museum

If you are a 

toy collector , then a stop at 

the Seoul Figurine Museum is a must! This haven of toys is 

spread over six themed areas .

Seoul Figurine Museum

They feature 

rare figures that will make the heart of any art lover jump. Check out the 

Superhero Gallery for your favorite childhood heroes, then head to 

the Anti-Hero Exhibit to meet their enemies.

Seoul Museum of Love


naughty ? This 

quirky and kinky Seoul museum showcases 

erotic art , with 

“risky” rides and installations , including 

Erotic Garden , 

Dream House , and 

Sex Life .

Seoul Museum of Love

Be a part of 

3D photos that feature 

sexy scenarios or take a step back in history and peek into 

Joseon era paintings that 

depict human desire . Needless to say, 

this museum is for adults only !

Teddy Bear Museum

This museum features exactly what its name suggests: teddy bears . You will find many teddy bears of different shapes and sizes , dressed in different national costumes , like K-Drama characters , like iconic paintings (try to find the Mona Lisa teddy bear !), and more!

Teddy Bear Museum

It also has an outdoor park that will give you a breathtaking view of the Jungmun Sea . 

Busan Film Museum

Movie buffs , if you ever find yourself in Busan , this one’s for you! At the Busan Film Museum , you will discover the different aspects of Korean cinema and its history .

Busan Film Museum

This museum is also adorned with a room of green screens that might as well be a playground as well as high-quality VR movies that range from dinosaurs to zombie movies . 

Yangpyeong Retro Museum

Step back in time , and wander around this retro museum , and play various retro-themed traditional street and sideshow games from yesteryear that will guide you through the era of 70s South Korea -80 .

Yangpyeong Retro Museum

To completely slip into the nostalgic vibe , feel free to try on vintage school uniforms and then munch on classic Korean snacks.

We hope you’ll check out an art museum or two, and at least one of them will make it onto your travel bucket list !

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