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Noraeban karaoke

During your trip to South Korea , do you want to keep a good memory? So plan a special evening with friends and stop by Noraebang Karaoke.

What is Noraebang Karaoke?

Integrated into Korean culture , it is with singularity that this original phenomenon affects both elders and young people in all social categories. It’s a fun pastime that Koreans love. Easy to access and cheap, the Noraebang often hide in the basements of buildings, in shopping streets and residential areas.

It’s up to you to spot them by looking for them under the names Noraebang , Noraeyeonsubjang , or even Norae coin . These rooms welcome you anytime during the day and at any time of the week.

Operation of Noraebang

Whether with friends, lovers, colleagues to celebrate the signing of a contract, or to welcome a newcomer to the company, with family, after school,  Noraebang is a good release. The idea is not to take the lead, to relax a little and to have the opportunity to decompress by pushing the song. You will be able to take yourself for a singer without fear of the gaze of others.

If the traditional Noraebang are to be favored when you are in a group, the Norae Coin are the most discreet place for solitaries, who want to exercise in all modesty.

The Magic Remote

The principle is simple, with the help of a remote control and an integrated program, you can choose the songs of any variety that make you dream and thus make them scroll to your heart’s content. And there, it’s quite an art to be able to master the beast! Indeed, if you do not know Hangeul , you may be a little lost. Fortunately, the guide will act as a manual to help you become “ The Voice ”. There are different brand products available in the rooms: KY and Taejin. Nevertheless, the two products offered are quite similar, so you can find the same functions. You can find your song by either searching by title, artist name, but also by country.

At the end of your performance, the program will give you a mark according to your prowess… Don’t take your result badly, it’s quite nice and sometimes you can be surprised by the score and thus impress your friends!

Proposed services

You can have all kinds of drinks , cocktails and Korean cuisine dishes , such as noodles , while singing and cheering on the one-night stand singers. While some owners accept that we bring snacks from outside, others make unlimited drinks (alcoholic or not), a few snacks or ice creams available to their customers (be careful! In this case, the invoice go up a little…).

Regarding alcohol consumption, you will be asked  for an identity document  to verify if you are of legal age.

Korean karaoke prices

For the classic Naraebangs , be aware that depending on the district, depending on the schedule and the day of the week, the price per hour may vary. It takes around 5,000 won at least to 30,000 won for the classiest of them. The bill can quickly mount.

For Coin Noraebang , as its name suggests, it’s Karaoke called “à la carte ”, but the prices remain regulated. You pay for it with coins and the space is smaller. In principle, the price is on average 500 won for 1 song, or 1000 won for 3 songs, but it may vary depending on the district. As a general rule, it is young people who prefer this system, because it is good value for money , and there is nothing better to release the pressure after an intense day on the school benches. Your space will be limited with a maximum of 3 per cabin.

According to the managers of these establishments, if you come at the beginning of the week or even at the beginning of the evening ( off- peak periods ), you can get a little extra time offered .

Little tricks for a memorable noraebang

Remember to prepare your songs in advance. Why ? Quite simply to save time, because the minutes go by very quickly, and this prevents the guests from getting bored.

Last tip, use the reserve the songs button so that the songs unfold over the water and everyone can savor this moment to perfection.

In our shop, you will be able to find microphones , so that you can sing your French and Korean songs in lyrics.

Let the music ! All to your microphones and make your vocal cords fart as if you were at your own concert!

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