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Couple clothing


In the land of the rising sun, where gestures of tenderness are to be excluded in public, the youngest couples in South Korea show off in coordinated clothes, from head to toe. In South Korea kissing in public is not very well seen so otherwise young couples harmonize their clothes to show their love which they display proudly. This is called the “  KEO-PEUL-LOOK  ”.

It is a kind of habit for newly married couples and during their honeymoon, they are visible on the beaches where they are dressed in a swimsuit or shorts of the same color or shape and walk around holding each other by the hand. The Japanese and the Chinese have also copied this style but they are less in excess than the Koreans.


This allows you to demonstrate your love in Korea and also in other Asian countries because outbursts of love are inappropriate so it is their way of proving and displaying their feelings.

These matching outfits are due to social networks like Instagram with the #lovestagram which puts couples forward and enhances their image when they are in a relationship.

For some time now, this penchant for this fashion phenomenon has taken hold of friends and family because they also like to get noticed with this trend. This shows that their family is very united and that they do not want to look like others and above all to stand out. For friends, it indicates that they are very bonded and like each other very much and they are like members of their family.

They are recognizable with this trend that has become very popular, with their harmonized pants, shoes or shirts as well as having the same accessories, such as scarves, sunglasses, hats, caps and sometimes even hair coloring as well as the cut. And this is also the case for lingerie and socks, everything is connected in this fashion trend to show that they are a good couple.


JANUARY 14 – “Diary Day”: Couples treat themselves to a diary for the New Year

FEBRUARY 14 – “Valentine’s Day”: This holiday is celebrated differently in Korea, it is the girls who give gifts to the boys and they watch over them during this day. Offers them quality chocolates such as artisanal or luxury chocolates.

MARCH 14 – The “White Day”: This day is the reverse of Valentine’s Day, it is the boys who take care of the girls and make them happy and they offer a gift of great value.

APRIL 14 – The “Black Day”: It is the singles’ day, they gather among singles to eat Jajangmyeon (wheat noodles with a red bean sauce) hence the name of this day because the sauce of this dish is black.

MAY 14 – “Rose Day”: This is a day when couples offer flowers and more particularly Roses. The couple are dressed in yellow

JUNE 14 – “Kiss Day”: This is the day when you kiss your partner at all times. And it’s the time of year when major beauty brands release their new lipsticks.

JULY 14 – “Silver Day”: This is the day when couples give each other rings to formalize their attachment, silver jewelry to stick to the theme of the name of the party. This is often where couples declare their commitment through an engagement.

AUGUST 14 – “Green Day”: This is a day when couples share a bottle of Soju-style alcohol and then begin a long walk in nature.

SEPTEMBER 14 – “Photo Day / Music Day”: This is the official day for doing karaoke and taking pictures as a couple.

OCTOBER 14 – “Wine Day”: This is the day when they buy a good bottle of wine to share it with friends and have a great time together.

NOVEMBER 14 – “Movie Day”: This is a day when couples go to see a movie at the cinema or rent a movie to watch it together.

DECEMBER 14 – “Hug Day”: It’s hug day for both couples and frien

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