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couples in south korea

When we talk about South Korea, very often we refer to food, art, architecture and of course Kpop (Korean music). But Korea is also and above all the many couples you can meet in the street. We can speak of a fashion effect since rare are those who are not in a relationship. South Koreans love seduction and pleasing others.

korean couple similar dress

Single? in a relationship with?

When you meet Koreans, very often the question that often comes up is: “남자친구 있어요?” (namja chingu issoyo) or “여자친구 있어요?” (yeoja chingu issoyo) which means “do you have a boyfriend?” or “Do you have a girlfriend?”. Koreans devote a lot of time to romantic relationships since for the most part they feel alone but also to act like “everyone else”. There are lots of different ways to meet your potential “soul mate”. Indeed, you can simply go to a nightclub where you will not fail to be approached by a few single people or there are, like almost everywhere else, dating applications (although remain vigilant to the people you can to encounter). 

“How do we dress today?”

Korean couples are very different from couples you might meet in Europe, since they usually decide to dress the same way when they go out together. You can see them wearing the same clothes, the same shoes and sometimes the same hair colors (which, I admit, is very surprising). Then you will say to me: “But why this fashion?” well, quite simply to show others that their other half “doesn’t belong to anyone else”, “that it belongs to them” but also because they find it nice to be able to dress the same. Also, to show their love for each other, couples buy “couple rings” after several months of dating. I myself 

couple rings

“What can we do?”

When you are in a relationship, you will be able to find many places in which to spend pleasant moments. First of all, restaurants, cinemas, karaokes, parks of course, but also other places in which you can find yourself only the two of you if you wish. Indeed, there are what are called “DVD방” (DVD bang) or also “룸카페” (lumkape). DVD방 are special pieces to be able to watch films of your choice, between couples but also between friends. 룸카페 are somewhat similar to DVD방 since you can also watch movies but often accompanied by small treats.


“When are we going to see each other?”

As you may already know, Koreans are very busy with work or studies but despite this, they often try to take the time to be able to see each other. Young students as a couple, spend most of their time glued to each other and for those who work, they often meet in the evening since in general many places are open until late at night (except on this period due to the coronavirus…). For many Koreans, it is important to be able to see each other frequently to be able to maintain the flame. Since many think that being out of sight means being out of mind (I speak from experience…). In France, inviting your girlfriend or boyfriend home is not frowned upon, but in South Korea, it is very rare or even almost impossible to see this situation occur. Simply because it’s not in Korean culture. For this, when couples wish to have privacy, they can meet at the hotel or in motels (derived from the hotel in less chic but suddenly less expensive). 

hotel room
motel room


Faithful or unfaithful?

That is the question… Of course, many Koreans are faithful in their love relationships but many others (not to say a very large number) are unfaithful in their relationship or even in their marriage. How many times have I been able to hear stories or even see inappropriate actions of a man in a relationship towards another woman. Many Koreans use dating apps even though they are already in a relationship. Korean men are very, even too strong, to bamboozle you with nice words and see nothing but fire. Infidelity in the life of a couple is unfortunately too present and many Korean women wish to ignore it rather than face the problem for fear of losing their boyfriend. The love life or romantic relationship among South Koreans is not always easy. Despite the marriage of lovers or mistresses are very common in the peninsula although their couple relationship is generally going well.

1 or 2 ?

The Land of the Morning Calm is an ideal country for couples, since you have access to many advantages. Indeed, we can speak of “couple sets”, that is to say promotions for two. Indeed, when you go to the cinema, you can find as a menu, popcorn accompanied by two drinks, sold for less than if you bought them separately. Also, if you go to the restaurant, you can choose special menus for two which will be much cheaper. In addition, in stores, some clothes are sold in pairs, such as pajamas. So it is better to be accompanied than to be alone to be able to benefit from its advantages.

couples set

Like a good gentleman 

We can say whatever we want, Korean men take great care with their girlfriends. They know how to protect her from all dangers. They carry their heavy and light bags; tie their shoes when the knot is undone; put their makeup on from time to time (and yes!! it’s quite… special ^^) and stand on the side of the road in place of their girlfriend, to avoid danger. When you’re not used to so much attention towards yourself, you don’t really know how to react but you get used to it very quickly ^^. 

caring korean couple
tie the laces

Well, here! now that you know everything about Korean couples, all you have to do is find your share of happiness. Follow your instincts and let Korean romance guide you. 

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