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Min Yoon-gi is the main rapper of the popular South Korean boyband BTS. He is better known by the stage name of Suga and Agust D. He is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter. Suga was born on March 9, 1993 in Daegu, capital of North Gyeongsang Province, 300km southeast of Seoul. Min Yoon-gi is of the astrological sign of Pisces and the Chinese astrological sign of the water rooster. These two signs are associated with the water element. In elementary school, he studied at “Daegu Taejon”. In middle school, in “Hangbuk” (Daegu). After moving to Seoul, he entered “Apgujeong” high school and continued his studies in the art sector at “Global University”.

His family consists of his parents and older brother Jun-gi, and his dog, a brown poodle named Min Holly. Min Yoon-gi shares everything with his older brother. In his MixTape “Skit”, Suga explains that what allowed him to make music was the confidence his brother had in him. When he started, his parents did not really support him in his dream, they wanted their son to devote himself to his studies. Incidentally, after his audition with BigHit, Jun-gi is the first person Suga called. Later, his parents accept his decision to pursue a career in music. Luckily for us, he stuck to his goal.

If you are an Army, you must have seen this touching video of Min Yoon-gi bowing to his parents when he sees them at the “HYYH” concert be the most beautiful moment in life, Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, epilogue 2016.

Min Holly

This little dog has completely won Yoon-gi’s heart despite the latter saying that he doesn’t particularly like dogs. He also likes to take selfies with Min Holly. In October 2016, Jimin revealed on “Ask In A Box” that Yoon-gi goes gaga when Holly is around.


Yoon-gi as producer and lyricist of the group finally reaches the artistic recognition he had hoped to achieve for a long time, it was in December 2016 during the Mnet Music Awards after having endured many hardships that BTS was crowned Artist of the Year. ‘year. 

In December 2017, it was another great moment for Suga as a producer, at the Melon Music Awards he won the Hot Trend Award for producing Suran’s song “Wine”. 

This trophy allowed him to show that he had made a name for himself in the music industry outside of BTS.

As a Hip-Hop artist, he always dreamed of conquering the states. His work is also influenced by American music.

In November 2017 thanks to DNA and MicDrop, his dream of conquering the States materialized the two music manages to rank in the “Billboard Hot 100” but their progress does not stop there in May 2018, the album Tear is placed No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 Album* chart.

Min Yoon-gi or Minstradamus?

One would think he has a divinatory gift, hence the nickname Minstradamus⠀

In 2016, Suga believed that their efforts should be rewarded with a Daensang, something done that year for the first time since BTS has won it every year.

Suga had always dreamed of performing at Jamsil Stadium (one of the biggest venues in South Korea), his dream came true during the “Love Yourself” tour in 2018.

During a VLive Suga talks about how he would like to be nominated for a Billboard Music Awards. He also mentions his wish in his song “Agust D”, “The next step is the Billboards”. But they do better, they won against Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.⠀ 

Suga predicted the Top 10 on Billboard hot 100, they get there with “Fake Love” which ranks 10th in the chart, and the title track “Boy With Luv” it comes in at 8th place in the chart.

During an interview in the United States, a journalist asks the group:

“What is the next step? Suga responds ‘

Grammy’ with a shrug.

The album “Tear” is nominated for the Grammy. And in 2019, BTS were on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards and had the honor of presenting an award there.

During an interview in Las Vegas with MBC TV, Min Yoon-gi says:

“I’ve always thought that a ‘Stadium Tour’ is only possible for a few artists, but now I think we’re very close. I believe dreams come true. »

February 19 BigHit officially announces their “Speak Yourself” tour which will take place in the biggest stadiums.

One would think that this Min Yoon-gi wants he gets it, but according to him there should be no limit in his dreams and ambitions regardless of the field. Thanks to his ambition and his perseverance, he was able to see far and achieve his goal.

His passion, his career

His passions

Suga started playing the piano at a very young age and learned to use MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) at the age of 13. The piano has become a real passion for him as evidenced by his song “First Love”.

When it comes to creating Min Yoon-gi often uses the piano, this polyphonic musical instrument can convey a lot of emotion thanks to its different harmonies. And Suga took advantage of it, he often began to compose thanks to the piano. 

Min Yoon-gi also has another passion, photography, when BTS debuted, his favorite theme was the other members of the group, he took many photos, in the oldest ones they used different logos like  “쇼가 의 시선 which can be translated as “Suga’s gaze”, after 2014 he also used a drawing he had created himself. At the time, he shared them on their FAN café quite regularly. Currently, we see him less often with a device, but he shares some on BTS’s twitter account from time to time.

Another passion that we know of him is cooking. It’s not uncommon in “RUN BTS” or “Bon Voyage” around the world to see Yoon-gi cooking. Here are some of the dishes that Yoon-gi can cook Kimichi, tonkatsu, squid, meat, ramen

His career 

It was after listening to “Fly” (the 2006 version) by the group “Epik High” at the age of 13, that “Suga” said to himself: “Yes, I will also rap!”. This song is the one that helps him when he feels empty or tired. From that day on, he fell in love with Hip-Hop and trained intensively to be able to realize his dream. At 17, he worked part-time in a recording studio as a composer and arranger, which allowed him to continue learning the various software essential to music production.

He then started as an underground rapper in Daegu under the stage name of Gloss. During this period, he was also part of a group called D-Town. But he encounters difficulties in getting people to listen to and sell his music. That’s why he passed the second audition in 2010, at the BigHitEntertainment agency which at that time was looking to create a Hip-Hop group.
This is how Min Yoon-gi, then only 17 years old, finished in second place in “Hit It Audition 2” with “Swagger”, he won his place in the agency and left to settle in December 2010. in Seoul, he then became a Big Hit Entertainment trainee.

From there he is supposed to become a member of the future group of Bangtan Boys, in the same way as Kim Nam-joon. He is a rapper and lyricist there. The agency considers them to be two valuable elements in the creation of the “BTS” project since both write and produce rap. Despite this, Min Yoon-gi will have to wait two and a half years to debut with the group in June 2013.  On June 13, 2013, at M! Mnet ‘s Countdown , Suga makes his debut with the Bangtan where they present their track “No more dream” from their album “2 Cool 4 Skool”     . He composed and produced several titles of the group, including  Tomorrow, Let Me Know or I Like It. Suga wrote the lyrics to I Like It in the dressing room of a musical show in just 40 minutes, while they waited their turn to go on stage.

The difficulties encountered during his trainee period

Min Yoon-gi comes from a modest family, as a teenager he had to choose between eating at noon or buying his bus ticket. Therefore, his schooling in Seoul turned out to be a problem. Seoul being the capital, the cost of living is more expensive there. Suga is then anxious about his school fees, in order to best help his parents, he decided to get hired as a delivery boy without telling the agency.

But while he is working, he has a scooter accident. He is hit by a car and has a broken shoulder. Following this accident, he had to stop his job and his sports activities within the agency.

Desperate, he decides to confess everything to the agency and is ready to leave.

But BigHit had planned better, they then explained to him, that it was a mistake not to have told them about his financial difficulties. The agency told him to stay and that his tuition would now be covered by them. Thanks to this Suga was able to focus on his music and his recovery.

Idol or Rapper?

In the title “The Last” Min Yoon-gi talks about the teasing he received from other rappers because he chose to stay in the agency, indeed in 2012, a program called ” Show Me The Money” was a big hit. Many BigHit trainees have chosen to leave the agency for this show. Thanks to this show he could keep their freedoms as a rapper and not be an idol. Min Yoon-gi chose Big Hit for him, as he says so well in “The Last”: “It’s not that I couldn’t do Show Me The Money: I said I wouldn’t, damn it!” » 

A rapper by the name of “B-Free” has mocked him and Kim Nam-joon at an event that brought together underground rappers telling them “they dress up as women when they go on stage” because clothes and make-up they wear during shows. Rappers he knew have long criticized him for “selling out” to the K-pop industry in order to get his music known.

Min Yoon-gi has therefore lived her title of Idol with a certain duality. He had become what he hated. He is also one of the few to have adopted a different stage name for his solos, in order to be fully recognized as a rapper. This is how Agust D was born. Agust D remains intrinsically linked to Suga, Agust being the anagram of Suga, the T and the D are the diminutive for “Town Daegu”. 

As for his stage name “Suga”, there are two origins, the first is his passion for basketball, playing in the back position which is called in Korean “Syuting guard”, which gives “Syuga for “Suga”. The second is her particularly pale complexion and her smile. Soft and pale like sugar hence “Sugar”

From now on, he seems in agreement with himself and the fact of being an idol.


His first Mix Tape was scheduled to be released at the same time as RM’s. But Suga decides to cancel it because he is dissatisfied with the result. 

During the same period, he wrote several songs for BTS including Hold Me Tight, Let Me Know as well as the introductions 1 and 2 of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Intro and The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Never Mind. He also composes a song for Jimin whom he considers to be the one who deserves it the most because he is, according to Suga, the one who works the most within the group.

His Mix Tape “Agust D” is finally released on August 15, 2016 to the delight of the Army. Two MV accompany the release of the album for the titles of “Agust D” and “Give It To Me. alternative of the song “So Far Away”. The lyrics of the songs have touched many people as much among the “Army” as the “non-fans”, especially that of “The Last” in which he dares to confide about the phobia social he had at one time.

On April 27, 2017, his first composition for an artist other than BTS was released, it was the song “Wine/If I Get Drunk Today” in collaboration with rapper “Changmo” for singer “Suran” with whom he already collaborated for the song “So Far Away”, title appearing on his Mix Tape “Agust D”.

The song “Song Request” was released in January 2019 in collaboration with “Lee Sora” and “Tablo” from the group “Epik High”. He notably participated in the lyrics of the song.

On March 11, 2019, “Epik High” released a new album, “Sleepless in __________”, which features a song written by Suga ”Eternal Sunshine”! It was a real event because it should be noted that Epik High is one of the artists who made Suga want to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper.

In July 2019, the song “We don’t talk together” from “Heize” and “Giriboy” was released. He participated in the composition, production as well as writing the lyrics of the song.

In December 2019, the song SUGA’s Interlude produced in collaboration with Halsey was released. The title appears on the singer’s album “Manic”. On the title “Suga”, he sings in Korean, a word he wrote himself.

Within the group, the musical style of “Suga” is closest to that of “RM”. He has a studio he called “Genius Lab” where he works and continues to produce songs for BTS there.

Her personality

Min Yoon-gi is an introverted person, he remains rather discreet and is not very sociable. He explained that this is why he makes music, music is his means of communication.

The music was there in his darkest moments, when he was plagued by his anxieties, his social phobia, depression, doubts, poverty, social and family pressure. He had to fight to achieve his goal. It was at the age of 18 that Min Yoon-gi fell into depression, when he was told that his group would never break through and that he was fighting against poverty.

It is in the song “the last” that he takes the opportunity to formulate his darkest thoughts and the road traveled since.

When “Suga” feels something is wrong, he always prefers to talk about it. he is a frank and honest person.

He has already revealed that in his youth he didn’t have many friends.

When Suga was asked to describe himself, he said, “Min Yoon-gi, genius.” “Nothing to add”

Yoon-gi’s qualities according to the other members

Min Yoon-gi is certainly one of the pillars of the group as much for his artistic side as on a personal level. He works a lot on writing and production. Motionless (Min Immobile) or Grandpa, here are some nicknames that the other members give him. He repairs Nam-joon’s damage and sleeps a lot. He does not always join the games of the youngest. He can be grumpy. And when he’s off he doesn’t want to do anything at all.

Jin and Suga – his Room Mate (Yoonjin)

he shared his room with Jin, the latter is calm by nature and respects the space needs of others. Suga respects jin as an elder, and he knows how to find the right words when Yoon-gi needs support.

RM and Suga – The Teammate (Namgi)

He is certainly the one with whom he has the most similarity in terms of musical style, they both started their careers in the Underground world and finally chose to be Idol, moreover they are the first two members of BTS.

Hoseok and Yoongi – Opposites (Sope)

Despite their seemingly opposite character, they managed to get the best out of each other. Thanks to Yoon-gi, Ho-seok was able to learn how to compose, write his own music, by dint of spending time with each other, when J-Hope joined the agency. Ho-seok was able to become an accomplished artist, and transmit his art other than through dance, his favorite art. when he arrived at the agency, Yoon-gi took care of him whenever he was sick and even kept him company on the 2014 New Year when Hoseok was about to stay alone in the dorm because he couldn’t go home to his parents. Ho-seok certainly knew how to help Yoon-gi open up to others.

Yoon-gi and Jimin (Yoonmin)

Suga seems to have adopted a protective role towards Jimin, due to their commonality on the importance of surpassing themselves in their business and their sensitivity which he tries to hide.

Taehyung and Suga (Taegi)

 Jungkook and Suga (Yoonkook)

Facts about Suga

Her youth

  • As a youngster, Yoon-gi once nearly drowned.
  • Yoon-gi grew up with her grandmother
  • Suga chose to rap after listening to Stony Skunk’s ‘Reggae Muffin’ 
  • Suga worked part-time in the recording studio in order to understand and learn how to produce music.
  • He reportedly said, “There was no particular desire to make music. I just had to do it”.
  • Yoon-gi is very fond of music but he didn’t like studying music in school by following textbooks.
  • When Suga was in high school he earned money arranging songs for school.
  • Suga wore braces.
  • Suga loves basketball. He played there a lot when he was a student. When he was a trainee, he played there every Sunday. He was usually the point guard or shooting guard.
  • Thanks to his passion for basketball, Suga believed that he would be over six feet tall but he is only seventy four. 
  • Suga taught himself the piano. 
  • In 2010, he produced the song “518-062” when he was still in the hip-hop team D-Town, which is a song in commemoration of the Gwangju uprising.
  • Before his debut Yoon-gi had a girlfriend, but they broke up after he joined the agency as a trainee.
  • Suga wanted to become an architect when he was a kid.
  • The first album he bought was Eminem’s.

His preferences

  • Suga said he imitated his father in character because he thought it was cool
  • Yoon-gi said he titled the songs according to his mood
  • Suga would like to collaborate with the Beatles
  • Suga thinks his eye-smile is his greatest charm
  • Suga is afraid of the noise of fireworks and his father
  • Suga doesn’t like to dance, despite being quite good at it. When BTS was created, Bang Si-hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit, told him “he doesn’t need to dance and he just raps. Suga has since joked that he had been “cheated” by Bang.
  • He does not like crowded and noisy places.
  • Suga loves taking pictures. He is also doing a specialization in photography at the Global Cyber ​​University.
  • Suga is quite a homebody. According to his comrades, he loves sleeping and lying down; the only places he frequents are the studio, the broadcasting station and the dormitory.
  • The time he feels happiest is when he is working in a studio.
  • Yoon-gi’s ideal woman is a woman who listens to hip-hop, who is calm and understanding – He prioritizes personality over looks.
  • Scarlett Johansson is her favorite Hollywood star.
  • The first thing he puts in his suitcase is his laptop so he can make music when he feels like it.
  • White is Suga’s favorite color
  • As can be seen in his outfits, he is very fond of black.
  • Three is his favorite number. “3 dollar chain”
  • He originally joined Big Hit as a producer and not as Idol.

A bit of everything about Suga

  • In 2013, he had to have emergency surgery for acute appendicitis, he was then unable to participate in the fansign in Japan and had to be repatriated urgently.
  • On March 09, 2021, Yoon-gi donated $88,000 to help children with cancer on her birthday.
  • On his 26th birthday Suga sent donations of Korean beef to 39 orphanages. (a way of respecting an old promise made to the army to offer them Korean beef)
  • On his 20th birthday, Suga surprised the ARMYs by gifting them 300 short messages written by him, each of his messages being filled with kindness.
  • Suga finds inspiration for his music in everyday events.
  • Yoon-gi never cleans up his mess when he’s done eating, he just says “guys let’s clean up” and then he leaves.
  • Taehyung said that when he’s tired, Yoon-gi comes to hug him saying “are you tired little dude”
  • Min Yoon-gi doesn’t change position while sleeping, he wakes up in the same position he fell asleep.
  • If he had a sister he would introduce her to Jimin.
  • Yoon-gi said he would only allow his dog to go out with Nam-joon’s dog, because RM’s dog is cute.
  • Yoon-gi and Nam-joon met on November 13, 2010.
  • When he is really angry or nervous, he speaks in satoori (dialect).
  • Yoon-gi was able to go see the Dodgers baseball game.
  • Min Yoon-gi with several nicknames such as, Lil meow meow, Suga, Genius, Agust D, Motionless Min, Grandpa
  • He uses Fingerprint to unlock his phone .
  • Suga has the driver’s license.
  • In his self-taught song “140505 at Dawn”, Suga reveals that he had suffered from social phobia and mental issues, depression and obsession. .
  • A lot of hair colors go to Suga thanks to his pale complexion.
  • At first glance, Yoon-gi may seem unaffectionate, as he is not very smiling and is quite discreet. 
  • Suga is within the group, the quietest member. When BTS was featured on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show,” he sat on the couch while the rest of the group danced and jumped with Fallon.
  • Thanks to his direct and pragmatic personality, some of his music in his mixtape has hard-hitting words and quite critical lines.
  • J-Hope says that in the group, he is one of the most caring members.
  • Yoon-gi is an introverted person, but that doesn’t stop him from having a lot of famous friends, including Heechul from Super Junior, JB from GOT7, Kang Daniel from Wanna One, Suran, and Tablo from Epik High.
  • If Suga had to live on a desert island for three years, he would choose Jimin if he had to take one of the band members.
  • If he were to be part of a sub-unit, he would choose Jimin as his teammate.
  • Suga has a bad habit of biting his nails.
  • Yoon-gi is talkative. Generally he is the host of the group’s variety content, such as “Run BTS”.
  • Suga compares himself to a cat because he likes to be alone and doesn’t mix easily with others, hence the nickname “Lil Meow Meow”
  • In January 2018, Suga became a member of the Korea Music Copyright Association.
  • His motto is “I don’t give an s—.”
  • Suga lost his diamond-encrusted “A” ring during the performance of “So What” in Berlin, on the Love Yourself tour, when he was throwing water. The ring was recovered by an Army.
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