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Korean Dating: Customs and Relationship Etiquette

You might be wondering what dating is like in Korea. If so, we have what you need!

We’ll tell you what to expect, as well as the do’s and don’ts of Korean dating. Let’s make your romantic life a success! Read on to learn more about the dating culture in South Korea.

What is Dating in Korea Like?

As you’ve heard before, Korean dating culture can be quite different from what you’re used to back home. This is especially true if you are from a country other than Asia. Maybe you are cautious and want to get more information about Korean dating before you go on the adventure with the pretty woman in the cafe or the handsome guy in the bookstore, so you can keep up to date with the Korean culture.

After all, Korea seems to have some quirks when it comes to dating men and women. But these are by no means reasons to shun the Korean dating life. On the contrary, they can make Korean dating even more fun!

So what exactly can you expect from Korean dating? If you are eager to meet Korean singles, read on!

  • How do people meet in Korea?

Like in every other country in the world, there are many ways to meet your next bae. It can be a classmate, co-worker, or family friend. Or it could be someone you met walking out of a bar on the weekend or met on a language exchange. Often, Korean dating sites or online dating are also common, especially nowadays. Or maybe your Korean dating was initiated when you met by chance and they accidentally spilled their coffee on you. There are actually endless ways to meet Korean singles, and not just through online dating sites.

  • What is 소개팅 (sogaeting)?

A common way for Koreans to build relationships that seems to outshine others is to meet Korean singles through friends, the specific term for this being “소개팅 (sogaeting).” This way you will already have at least one reference, before you go out with them, that they are a decent person, approaching you with serious intentions.

The downside of Korean dating through this method is that you can’t be too sure how the possibility of compatibility between you two has been thought out, apart from the fact that you’re both single. However, if you’re single and ready to mix, don’t be afraid to ask your friends to set you up on a date! Even if it doesn’t lead to anything, it will still be a fun experience in your life. You may meet Korean singles or new friends and have another familiar face to greet when you go out on the town.

  • Who pays the bill?

Now that you’ve met someone who seems to interest you mutually, it’s time to date them. You both dressed nicely – as is customary in Korean dating, at least for first dates if you really want to impress someone – and planned some fun activities. But just before the start of the date, or perhaps during it, you ask yourself: who is paying?

Although times are changing and young people in their twenties who go to school tend to split the bill, at least in restaurants, the unspoken custom is that the man pays first. appointment, and perhaps the next ones. In some cases, especially on the first date, the man may pay the entire bill, while in others he will pay the first round, the girl the next, and so on. As you get to know each other better and officially become a boyfriend and girlfriend, the payouts should balance out.

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  • How affectionate can you be in public?

You’ll probably want to save your raunchy petting sessions and the like for the private moments, or else you might see a 아줌마 (ajumma | older Korean woman) throw up a storm over you. Otherwise, almost everything seems to be fair game. All over South Korea, and especially in Seoul, you can see Korean men and women holding hands, having their arms around each other. Some even dare to peck each other, and sometimes you can even see them pressing buttons and such.

  • PDA in Korea and PDA in the West

In Korean dating, the acceptable level of PDA in South Korea may surprise you – in a way, and it’s a lot less raunchy than what you might see in public in Europe or America. Nevertheless, South Korean couples are simultaneously much more direct and obvious about their couple status in public.

Communication Rules in Korean Dating

In the West, you may have heard of the three-day rule, but you are making a big mistake if you think it applies in South Korea as well. If you don’t contact them immediately after the date to tell them you had a great time, it can be seen as a sign of disinterest in Korean dating!

Koreans like to communicate with their spouse throughout the day, from morning to evening. They may not be the most exciting conversations, but it seems important to show that you care about them by asking them at different times of the day what they are doing, if they have eaten, if they came back, etc.

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  • Korean dating – Waiting for a call from the date

Korean Dating Signs You Get Through Communication
If the person you’re dating isn’t texting you a lot, it may or may not be a sign of disinterest in you. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, as some people are naturally the type not to spend a lot of time on their phone, even if they’re crazy about you.

However, if the person you are dating is suddenly contacting you much less, it may very well be that they lose interest in you, that the attraction is less but they do not know how to tell you, afraid of hurting yourself. This may not be the way you are used to handling a situation, but it is normal among Koreans. Of course, instead of jumping to the worst conclusions, you’re better off talking to the person you’re dating or dating about other possible reasons for their lack of communication. Although frowned upon by Koreans, it is also normal to sometimes simply “ghost” someone (cease all contact without explanation) at the start of a Korean relationship if interest develops.

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  • Other Special Aspects of Korean Dating and Matchmaking

The peculiarities of Korean culture when it comes to dating don’t stop there. One part of local Korean dating culture that you may find particularly fun – or particularly boring – is whatever couples do together. Contrary to what happens in the West with the only Valentine’s Day for couples, Koreans have other major holidays for couples such as White Day, Grandpa Day and even Christmas. On top of that, the 14th of every month is a little celebration for couples, with a specific theme for each month.

Another aspect of Korean dating that might be fun for you is the set of articles for couples. From rings to shoes to entire outfits for “couple looks”. It’s up to you and your partner how subtle or wild you want to be with this!

Korean Dating Culture

Dating is a great way to experience Korean culture, in this case Korean dating culture. You can connect with new people, and while enjoying spending time with them, you can also experience Korea through their eyes. Whether it’s discovering your new friend’s favorite off-the-beaten-path restaurant in town or visiting an area of ​​South Korea you never knew existed, you’re sure to have a great time if you find yourself meeting people during your stay abroad.

Before you ask the next Korean girl or guy you see, let us help you get to grips with Korean dating culture. There are definitely some ins and outs of Korean dating that you should know beforehand, and they will help you avoid any social faux pas. Lovers don’t give up their love easily.

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  • The “three-day rule”.

If you frequent a country other than Korea, you are probably familiar with the “three-day rule”, which states that you should not contact a person who has just interested you by text or telephone for at least three clear days after obtaining their phone number. This rule has been at the heart of romantic comedies and sitcoms for a decade, and some men and women swear by its effectiveness.

While in Korea, disregard the “three-day rule” if you don’t want to ruin your chances with the new hottie you’re trying to talk to. Koreans are usually glued to their smartphones and love instant messaging, so if you choose not to join your crush, they may take it as a sign of disinterest.

Also, if your lover contacts you by text or IM (which he will, and often!), if you don’t answer for a few hours because you don’t check your phone, he’ll more than likely think you reject it.

Keep your phone on you, and don’t be afraid to show your affection with emoticons! Your lover will thank you for it.

  • PDA in Korea

In Korean dating, you’ll likely notice that your partner won’t be open to intense displays of affection in public.

In South Korea, passionate kisses and extended hugs are considered in bad taste and inappropriate when done in public. Rather, they are seen as special, romantic moments that should be shared with your partner in a private setting.

Although you won’t see many kisses when you venture into Korea, feel free to hold your partner’s hand or wrap your arm around them – both are appropriate displays of affection that can bring you closer to your partner. partner throughout the evening. You will meet great people and spend great evenings .

  • Korean language and English language

Korean men and women have been studying English from an early age. Although they are not great speakers, most of them understand the basics of English. That said, you can make your Korean dating experience much easier if you can use at least some Korean. 

  • Korean couple ring

A Korean couple ring is a symbol or statement telling people that you and your partner are together romantically. Korean couples usually receive a couple ring when they reach the milestone of 100 days together.

All in all, we hope you have fun if you choose to date someone in Korea. You could have great experiences having a partner here; however, your life will be fun and fulfilling even without a partner!

With this Korean dating information, you might be interested in  finding your lover or sweetheart on a Korean dating site for men and women.

What do you find interesting or special about Korean dating? Are you interested in verifying an online dating site? Hopefully, you’ll find someone to share Valentine’s Day with with these tips! Share your tips and experiences with us in the comments below!

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