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Kawaii girl

Find the Kawaii Girl and the origins of the Kawaii Style , from the start YUME KAWAII is a relatively recent trend. It is the revival of FAIRY KEI , linked to Manga Sailor Moon, Creamy.

YumeKawaii, Fairy Kei, Spank and Pastel Gothâ  : When dolls reign over a kingdom made of cotton candy

Kawaii Accessories

  • The Magical Girls come to life

The YumesKawaii is a relatively recent current. It is the revival of Fairy Kei which itself comes to us from Spank and which can be described as Pastel Goth. You don’t understand much about it? Well, you have to admit that you slowly sank into a pool of syrupy pastel liquid without understanding what it was all about.

However, you have to hold on to a spiral lollipop lying around and manage to pull the dull petticoats out of this sweet molasses in order to explain to you some subtleties of this Japanese fashion .

At the origin of the Spank movement (or Fairy Kei ), there is a woman: TABUSHI SAYURI. Don’t be fooled by her eternal girlish looks, Sayuri is a fierce businesswoman that everyone seeks to imitate. Designer by profession, she launched the magazine SPANKA, in which she developed this new style which was directly inspired by the MAGICAL GIRLS of the 80s.

If we talk to you about  Creamy , it may not speak to younger people… But we mention Sailor Moon , everyone visualizes this Japanese manga cartoon .

magic girl

  • Wonderful Creamy

When she uses her magic wand pendant , Creamy becomes a magnificent singer adored by all. This is a series that was produced in 1983.

Wonderful Creamy

  • Sailor Moon

Bunny is the reincarnation of Serenity, the moon princess. With her friends, she protects the Earth from evil forces by changing into SAILOR MOON thanks to magic.

Sailor Moon

TABUSHI SAYURI inaugurates 4 vintage shops in the hyper trendy districts of TOKYO (including SPANKA and TICKET TO DARLING ). The first opened its doors in 2003. The success was dazzling. The streets begin to swarm with fairy creatures reproducing the look of their leader.

  • How to recognize the FAIRY KEIA?

As the name suggests, this style gives you a ticket to a world of fluffy clouds, princesses, and magic. Sweetness and unreal are the two key words of Fairy Kei . We will draw from a palette of pastel tones such as mint green, pale pink, sky blue, young chick, coral orange, lavender, ecru and white which further brightens the outfit.

Fairy Kei Style

We will choose feminine pieces close to the body that we will balance with other much looser ones for each morphology for all occasions. It can be wide jackets, a long-sleeved sweater or multicolored turtleneck in cashmere, slim pants or jeans with a high waist, puffy tulle skirts, embroidered shorts, a flowing T-shirt, sweat dresses or still a casual t-shirt dress, a silk blouse with ruffles, a round neck or sexy neckline blouse or a bustier, loose cut printed dresses , a printed tunic or straight cut basics with an elastic waistband for all body types , or trapeze skirts; the choice is yours.

adult dalmatian pajamas

Layering materials and clothing is also recommended. We will wear a t-shirt with a bra with lace straps or a two-tone top over it and cover it with a cute knit cardigan for women. Same thing for striped tights that can be decorated with woolen stockings and why not a pair of frilly socks .

Cropped Rainbow Sweater

The patterns are a very important part. It is imperative to have in your wardrobe everything that recalls childhood. We will set our sights during your shopping on unicorn prints (one of the favorite patterns of the Fairy), Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie, MyLittlePony, Hello Kitty, Care Bears, magic wands, moons, clouds, candies, stars, gingham, polka dots, embroidery…

Kawaii dress

The accessories complete the kawaii look . They are essential in a dressing room. Without accessories, your clothing composition has no interest. We will therefore abuse large plastic or resin bracelets, showy and necessarily cute earrings with cupcakes or fruit (for example), large pearls that we almost want to eat, again and again lace , huge satin bows , badges with characters, stickers, long necklaces with stars, endless rings, clips and barrettes…

Maki Usb Flash Drive

We will take our belongings in backpacks stuffed with patterns (the same as mentioned above), bags with shapes (as long as they are cute, it’s good), stuffed backpacks , lunch-boxes , large fabric bags decorated with bows or flanked by a large embroidered image representing a character or a candy.

M&M'S bag

We will do for the choice of his shoes. Strangely, we prefer a good pair of sneakers (why not customize them) to platform babies . Boots, ankle boots or toupee boots (Uggs type) also go very well with tights and skirts, but also derbies , moccasins, ballet flats or pumps. A vigilante must be ready to come to the aid of the underdog, and heels complicate this momentum a bit.

kawaii shoe

When it comes to hair and makeup, we won’t do half measures. We’ll put away our shyness and we’ll wear colorful wigs . The more adventurous will color their hair directly and use coloring chalks. For makeup, accentuate the eyes. We will enlarge them using false eyelashes, mascara, white and black pencil, iridescent eye shadows and we will increase everything with gems and rhinestones always around the eyes. Accompanied by bag.

Kawaii Accessory
  • The YumeKawaii, a revival that encourages you to dream

Yume means ”  dream  “. If we translate the term, YUME KAWAII becomes “cute/adorable dream”. This trend is similar to FAIRY KEI except that the impressions of sweetness, dream and mystery are increased tenfold. It is characterized by women’s clothing which will sometimes be similar to pajamas or nightgowns since it is the best way to access the dream. A dress style in pastel colors . Discover sakura blossoms in springhere

Yume Kawaii

This fashion, which took off in 2013, remains close to the image of shoujo (Manga for young girls). It expresses dreams and fantasy but also a part of loneliness. Moreover, another madness was born within this current: the YUME KAWAII , which denounces to him the evils of the soul and the disease.

Again it is a personality who is responsible for the craze for the YUME KAWAII . It is the model AMO who uses this term for the first time on a page of the magazine LARME.

Yume Kawaii Girl

Then the brand WEGO , loved by young people in Tokyo , released its collection in the YUME KAWAII genre in 2015 and popularized it.

You will find another article about Kawaii Fashion spreading all over the world. In our Online Store, you will enjoy dressing up this Japanese culture in cute and kawaii characters.

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