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7 ways to care for your jewelry

Jewelry care differs for most pieces. Silver and stainless steel jewelry require different types of care. Gold also differs from gold platers jewelry care. Most people find it difficult to care for their jewelry and may not even know about the care requirements for each. As a result, keeping up with the routine may be stressful. However, caring for your jewels is the only way to ensure that it lasts and remains in good condition.

Below are seven ways to take proper care of your jewelry.

Keep them separate

Separating your jewelry is essential to prevent oxidation. Jewels made of gold should be in a separate box from silver. This is because gold-plated jewelry may scratch against silver jewelry. As such, avoid altering the design if your jewels keep them away from each other.

Do not lock them away

Locking your jewelry in a cupboard or drawer can make them susceptible to rust. This is because moisture can gather in the locked drawers and cause damage to your jewelry. As such, put them in a dry and clean place. Also, do not put them out in open spaces, as they will accumulate dust. If you have no idea where to put them, leave them in the case they came in.

Rotate wearing your jewels

Some people are fond of always wearing a particular piece of jewelry they like. This is one of the reasons your jewelry spoils quickly. Your jewelry is not a permanent decoration on your neck. As such, rotate wearing the different pieces in your collection so they do not damage over time.

Polish it 

Polishing helps your jewels o shine and last longer. They also keep your jewels from rusting. As such, use transparent or clear nail polish to swipe over your jewelry. This would make it shine and last longer. You also want to be careful with polishing jewels that have gold coatings. Use specially made cleaning and polishing cloths for your jewelry.

Wash with mild soap 

Many people make the mistake of cleaning their jewels with materials that damage them. To clean your jewelry, do not use toothpaste or any type of soda. Instead, clean it with a mild liquid soap, such as dishwashing liquid. This is because toothpaste and soda will corrode the metal part of your jewelry over time. As a result, the jewelry will lose its value. You should also keep in mind that harsh chemicals will destroy gold jewelry. The same is true for silver-plated jewelry with black designs. Do not clean them with silver dip.

Keep perfume and cream away from them

Perfumes contain moisture, which can cause rusting. These substances also have chemicals that are too harsh for your prized collections. As a result, keep them away from your jewelry as they may cause permanent damage.

Don’t wear them to bed

This is a no, no. You will sweat on the jewelry, causing it to accumulate dirt from your skin quickly. It will also rust the metal parts of your jewels. As a result, make sure you remove them before going to bed.

Finally, when cleaning your pieces, do it gently and with care. This is because some pieces of jewelry are delicate and have fragile finishing. If you clean or scrub them too hard, you will damage them. Invest in hypoallergenic jewels to reduce stress, as they do not tarnish or corrode.

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