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What is manga

Manga loosely refers to a style of cartoons originating in Japan. They are usually published in installments and, depending on their form, can reach several hundred pages. Many different genres are available, so they are popular with people of all ages and walks of life.

Known for their in-depth plots and characters, these highly respected works have been drawn for hundreds of years, although the modern version developed from the 20th century.


The way people define Japanese manga is somewhat controversial. Outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, the term generally refers to a cartoon or comic from Japan, and even more specifically, to drawings by a Japanese mangaka – a cartoonist/comic artist. In the last ten years, however, people in other countries have begun to work in this style, and the Japanese have traditionally used the word to refer to any cartoon or comic, regardless of where a person drew him where he lives. Some experts argue that it is better to classify these works according to the specific characteristics usually found in drawings or sketches for this reason.


Manga is believed to have started centuries ago with Chojugiga (“The Animal Scrolls”), drawn by Kakuyu (1053 – 1140), but it didn’t really begin to develop as a full narrative form until the work of Hokusai Katsushika (1760 – 1849). The real boom started right at the end of World War II and entered Japanese culture. And nowadays the manga in France is very appreciated but in many other countries of the world. As much by his works of manga drawings as the animated manga.

He revealed himself a lot in a youth program the club Dorothée it is from there that the manga culture appeared very quickly. We could see characters like Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z, Goldorak, Astro, Ghibli, Nicky Larson, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Fairy Tails, attack on titans, My Hero academia, Gundam, knights of the zodiac, Olive and Tom, Ken the survivor, GTO, Pokémon… You can find all the animated characters in video games, at exhibitions in Tokyo, in magazines, in figurines, on blu ray…

What is the difference between Manga and Anime  ?

At Japan Craft, we are often asked the distinction between anime and manga. Despite their importance in Japanese entertainment and culture, the two are not the same. To put it simply, manga is the word given to comic books and illustration books with Japanese graphic plots, while anime is the name used for Japanese animation and cartoons.

Although both tend to be considered genres in the world, they represent how the whole thing is produced. They claim many similarities and the design of both has been credited to Osamu Tezuka, sometimes referred to as “the godfather of manga” and the “Japanese Walt Disney”.

If you have to choose for a preference, you will first have to understand what manga and anime are. What type of manga and how to read manga.



Manga are comics rather than animated films. Unlike anime, manga are mostly drawn and published in black and white. And why ? Because they are often published weekly and their printing in color would take much more time and money.

The image of the manga universe is extremely very cheap to publish and only requires a few personnel for the realization and production of the scenario and to create a manga. In fact, it can take just one, the mangaka is both the author, cartoonist, illustrator, and editor, as well as other roles in the million-copy publishing process.

What are anime  ?

In Japan, the word animated is used to name all animations, much like the cartoon in English. It was elsewhere that anime became the term associated only with animation in Japan.

A dialogue arises on whether the word animated can be given to a non-Japanese animation. While it could technically, the anime has, at least in English, become synonymous with Japan.

The anime has very distinct idiosyncrasies for the characters and intentionally uses a limited style to depict movement. In part of the world, animations are cartoons chosen to tell children’s stories, while anime mixes complicated plots and characters with adult themes but also princess, ninja, wizard, dragon, knights, samurai , robot, titan, heroes, science fiction, romance, fantastic, satirical, demons, adventures…

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Some consider manga to be much more original artistically than anime, like books from movies. It’s that the majority of mangaka transcribe the original content and many start with self-publishing. In fact, self-published books, or doujinshi, are very famous.

anime mask

Unlike manga, many anime are based on pre-existing stories. Because it is cheaper to combine a current story than to invent a completely new plot. Moreover, the adjustments are supposed to be a safer commitment, because the original and cult story will definitely have a sequel.

Manga is the fastest way to post work than anime. A manga issue can be written, drawn, and inked in days. Thus, an animated comic may require many months of production, preparation and hard work to produce an episode.

Which is better: Manga or Anime  ?

It’s very difficult to compare. This will depend on the story and also on the person. Both are really quite related because a good number of manga are made into anime, including Black Butler, Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball from which the animated series Dragon Ball Z, Dofus, Naruto Shippuden, Final Fantasy…

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