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Crisis management update

South Korea was the second country to be affected by the covid19 virus! The authorities reacted very well by controlling people entering Korean territory everywhere! They carried out a PCR test and a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine. 

Then, in some places, you can discover cameras and temperature readings in each store. When you enter a restaurant, the waiters take the temperature and ask you for your phone number to trace each person if there is contamination; we can prevent them and especially trace them.

There are even bus shelters in South Korea that have a camera to take your temperature! The government has invested heavily in new technologies to control the spread of this virus.

Wearing a mask

The population, young and old, wear masks indoors and outdoors. For students, they have the mask on all day, even in classrooms. At first, students were taught half the time in case the virus outbreak spreads so that it doesn’t infect everyone.

You will be able to see in South Korea different masks and syle! Koreans complete their style and look with fun and kawaii masks. Before the arrival of the virus, Koreans wore the mask because the country experiences heavy pollution and therefore South Koreans wore masks against pollution.


In terms of treatment, Korean doctors use antibiotics and other treatments. Hospitals take care of sick patients immediately. In South Korea, care is very fast, there are no waiting hours, it can be counted in minutes

There is also, in natural terms, a plant that would have virtues against covid19, this plant is artemisia annua and it is mainly consumed as an infusion. You can discover on this site the which sells dried artemisia annua and also spirulina to develop your immune system.

Koreans have always lived normally without ever being locked up. A model in terms of crisis management and above all the deployment of new technologies such as the facial temperature detector robot or the misting machine and disinfection methods in the streets or in public transport.

There was also state aid for certain companies and also for certain families depending on the number of children in the family. These grants do not cover all costs, but they help Koreans in their daily lives.


Right now, Koreans are living with a death toll of 500 since January 2020, when the virus arrived in the country.
South Korea continues to open its borders and control arrivals. We hope this virus will not prevent people from visiting life in South Korea and cause more deaths. For this reason, we recommend boosting your immune system, eating healthy and exercising. And if the artemisia annua plant can help you then do not hesitate to see its benefits and virtues recognized in Africa.

We hope you will take care of yourself and those around you. And may this sad year 2020 end as well as possible and may the year 2021 be much better for you and your loved ones.

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