Duff Beer hoodie

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Duff Beer logo from the show “The Simpsons” printed on Hoodie


  • Regular International Fit
  • Unisex
  • Hood with drawstring
  • Kangaroo Pockets
  • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
  • Wash-resistant print
  • Imported
  • Size Guide


  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Touch up with cool iron
  • Do not dry clean


  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Use mild detergent only
  • Wash with like colors
  • Do not iron print

What is Duff beer?

Duff beer is the biggest beer brand in the Simpson universe. It is Homer Simpson’s favorite beer brand and has a mascot, Duffman.

The origins

The word “Duff” is common English slang meaning “useless” or “broken” (it can also mean pregnant, in the expression “down to the litter box”). As in many other countries, enlightened beer drinkers often refer to popular national beers in a derogatory way (Americans criticize Budweiser, Australians Fosters, Victoria Bitter, etc.). Clearly, the character of Homer represents the typical blind consumer who drinks beer everything has been marketed most heavily, regardless of quality, as a satire of beer drinkers who regularly buy “popular” (read: much advertising) beer.

The idea for the name of the beer could have come from the play “Landscape”, written by Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter. Landscape is a one-act play where the main characters, and Beth Duff a middle-aged couple, sit and talk at a kitchen table. One of Duff’s main subjects is her work at the local brewery known for its cask ale. The play itself is a social commentary that analyzes the difficulty a married couple has in communicating. In this sense, “Landscape” could also be an inspiration for the characterization of Marge and Homer.

Another inspiration could come from former current Guns N’ Roses / Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan, who in the early days of Guns N’ Roses was known as Duff “The King of Beers” McKagan. The McKagen nickname predates The Simpsons, having been used at least as early as 1988 during a live MTV concert.

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