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Onna Nugeisha

The depiction of samurai warriors is usually male, but female warriors also existed. Called Onna-bugeisha, these women fought and perform the same tasks as their male counterparts.

They are also powerful, deadly, capable, courageous, righteous and fearsome. These warriors are trained in the same way as the men. They trained in the use of weapons and martial arts before the beginning of the samurai class.

The Onna-bugeisha have been trained to use a weapon designed for them to give them better balance when fighting. These female warriors belonged to the noble class. They are well educated in different fields such as science, math, arts, etc.

Most depicted the heroic stories of male samurai warriors. But few people know of the existence of Onna-bugeisha and their heroic stories and journeys. This article will introduce the top five female samurai warriors and their backgrounds.

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