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What does it mean to look casual?

Being casual simply means having an uninhibited look. Be careful, this does not necessarily mean having to wear only a sports tracksuit! But it is rather a mixture of genres, between refinement and simplicity. Clearly, casual fashion is about looking relaxed , modern and chic at the same time. 

The importance of the cut

Starting from a comfortable and classic garment, it is possible to make it suitable, pleasant to wear. The cut can be adjusted, but respects the morphology quite well. The polo shirt can replace a shirt or short-sleeved shirt and be worn with jeans. A jacket, a vest can bring to this informal, but neat look, a little more in your workplace.

Preferred materials

In order to be comfortable in your sneakers, cotton, chinos and cashmere are the materials mainly used. It gives a sophisticated look without being too elegant. If you prefer the blouse, you can combine it with a small blazer jacket, a light casual tank top, and replace your high heels with small flat shoes such as pretty little ballerinas. The casual style combines lightness and elegance.

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Casual chic, what is it?

The casual chic style is a sophisticated , mixed look , which is between the evening suit and the jogging. If the smart, good-looking man wears leather shoes or boat shoes, the distinguished , elegant man prefers moccasins and sneakers. Both preppy and casual chic men have things in common: polo shirts, chinos, light and colorful scarves… Gentlemen, remember to add a few accessories to enhance your outfit.

Casual chic for men

And yes gentlemen! You can also adopt casual chic fashion made in Korea . Besides, if you want to attract the fairer sex, this is the style of dress you need to allow you to reach the hearts of these ladies. To know that according to a Happn and GlossyBox study.

What clothes to adopt?

In order to be able to feel comfortable, it is important that your outfit includes clothes and accessories that look like you. For example, light fabrics will immediately give style to your look. Mix a modern piece with a casual garment, without being scruffy, and think about the quality of the accessories: a vintage messenger bag to counterbalance a classic outfit, a nice watch to ennoble jeans or a t-shirt, nice shoes, pretty jewelry .

The sweater . During the summer, you can wear an embroidered sweater with shorts that will bring a little touch of eccentricity, but it will remain the perfect combination to adopt this casual Korean style without playing too much uniformity. During the winter, it will have its effect with slim jeans or wide trousers.

The skirt . Often worn short in Korea, you will also find mid-length or even long ones. You can wear it with pretty boots in winter, and small ankle boots in spring. Some wear it with little shiny tennis shoes. As well with a sexy shirt, you can accompany it with a nice sweater, or a cardigan.

The combination . Nothing could be simpler than wearing a jumpsuit in all seasons. Thicker in winter, it will keep you warm with a pretty woolen scarf and a little hat with cat ears. When the good weather arrives, nothing will prevent you from choosing a lighter jumpsuit with small canvas and embroidered tennis shoes.

The pants . Different from jeans or skinny jeans, wide trousers remain a safe bet because they are practical, not too snobbish but not too uninhibited either. You can decorate it with a pretty belt and a light tunic.

How to achieve your Casual Chic look?

The golden rule: avoid falling into the trap of being too relaxed, which can quickly pass for neglected, or too chic! Don’t forget to enhance your outfits with accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, bags, sunglasses…

The important thing is to find the right balance between formal and relaxed. The casual element must remain of quality.

So it’s up to you to adopt the Korean Casual Style !

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