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Showing 1–20 of 86 results

How to wear a funny T-shirt?

A T-shirt with an original message/design certainly does not go unnoticed. So we’ve to follow a few rules to stay chic with humor. Rest assured, it’s not very complicated. Here are the great ideas for opting for an adult look that has kept his child’s soul.

What to avoid

We must also avoid bad jokes. Salacious innuendoes have absolutely nothing to do with a trendy look. Insults and humiliating messages for the elderly, overweight people excess… are to be banned definitively.

Another common mistake:  opting for a teenager’s look. We say to ourselves that age is nothing more than a number. The important thing about this is to feel young in our head. So, why not reflect this through our clothes? But in the end, it’s more complex than it seems. A message T-shirt is not to be worn with flashy sneakers and a slew of rhinestone accessories. It’s better to stay sober making the T-shirt in question the centrepiece of the outfit. Moreover, the mixture of colors is of extreme importance! The fewer shades, the better.

The casual look

This’s the simplest style to develop when wearing a T-shirt. Jeans are a classic that works every time. Bet on a clean cut and if you prefer destroy models, make sure it doesn’t look too shredded. Leather or denim jacket goes very well with humorous T-shirts.

A more chic side

Who said that we can’t be elegant in a T-shirt? The basis is to choose classic pieces, except for the T-shirt. Straight pants, a chic blazer.  Choosing all the other pieces of our outfit in a different style from the T-shirt.

The right look to wear humor T-shirts/hoodies at work!

It’s interesting to assert our style, especially when we work in a world where creativity is at the forefront. On the masculine side, the humor T-shirt fits in the trousers, with a classic jacket and chic shoes. Although, if our company allows casual outfits, we can dare sneakers and jeans.

For women, opt for the combo lapel jacket + T-shirt with message. Pencil skirt and pumps or trousers and low shoes, each must represent a comfortable and professional look at the same time.

Well wearing a humor T-shirt is thus effectively choosing the right message (at the risk of being ashamed of it) and harmonizing it with relatively discreet pieces. The idea is to balance the fun side and the adult side brilliantly.

There’s nothing like a touch of good humor on a rough morning.

Many people are reluctant to wear humorous T-shirts. Isn’t that a bit childish? Doesn’t that affect the professional image we’re supposed to reflect? And how can we wear this kind of clothing without looking totally offbeat? These are only false problems, in fact. Originality is an art.

A T-shirt that carries a funny message is perfect to brighten up our team at the office. There’s nothing better than a touch of good humor on a difficult morning.  Choose the logos/designs that will make our colleagues put a smile on their faces. In the end, there’s absolutely no limit to the joke.

These clothes to die of laughter are invited at any time. Outside of our professional environment, we can dare black humor, naughty texts, references to drunken evenings and much more. For men and for women the choice extends to infinity, so let us be tempted by the T-shirt/hoody that truly reflects our temperament.

In terms of style, humorous T-shirts/hoodies are resolutely trendy. They are worn for example tucked into classic pants, under a very chic wool jacket. Put on our best pair of shoes for an elegant and stylish effect and we’re done. The combo jeans and sneakers works very well with hoodies and original T-shirts. Ideas multiply, we just need to select our model from the rich selection that is proposed to us.

Not everyone understands the humorous hints about T-shirts and hoodies. If we want to be more direct, it’s time to think about illustrations and emojis. The easiest way is to select the theme that best suits us. These funny drawings will have the mission to target particular people, to send a subliminal message to all those who cross our path or simply to pull a smile around us.

This year, let’s spend our winter without an ounce of sadness. It only takes a little originality in our everyday outfits to make a difference. Remember that these T-shirts and hoodies of indisputable originality will also remain trendy in other seasons. They offer us the possibility to communicate, without necessarily having to elaborate complex sentences.