T-shirt Bérurier Noir

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T-shirt from the French rock band Bérurier Noir



  • Regular international Fit 
  • 100% lightweight Cotton
  • Wash-resistant print 
  • Double-stitched hem and sleeves
  • Round neck
  • Imported
  • Size Guide



  • Machine wash cold delicate cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • Touch up with warm iron
  • Do not dry clean




  • Use mild detergent only
  • Wash with like colors
  • Do not iron print



Who are the Bérurier Noir ?

Bérurier Noir is the flagship band of French punk. Formed by chance in 1983 in the squat of Paris, the band was originally composed of a duo that had an amazing alchemy, thanks to François (vocals) and Loran (guitar) and an old drum machine. All their works will also feature a saxophone held by Masto, who will eventually become the real third thief.

The quick public reaction to the explosive concoction led the band to embark on an adventure that wasn’t really a long-term plan. In 1984, the first album Macadam Massacre was released, a very dark and minimalist record with a hint of Clockwork Orange, reflecting a youth completely lost in a society that doesn’t understand and rejects them. The following year, Concerto pour Détraqués was released, an album that established Bérurier Noir as a leader of the alternative movement.

The duo is now surrounded by a whole group on stage, playing as clowns, choirs or simply as clowns. All this raia will do a lot for François and Roland, who will gradually move from black and white nihilism to the colorful “Yes Future” marked by their third album, Abracadaboum!

The media is even interested in the band (like the pros, they will be rejected outright), and people are now flocking to the concerts: this is the peak of Bérurier Noir. The music is still minimalist, but more optimistic, with sharp lyrics also incorporated in a secondary style. Yet the band’s discourse is still largely based on social problems, poverty, racism, the excesses of capitalism, totalitarianism, solidarity…, all surrounded by liberal principles from the pen of François and surrounded by guitar in the incisive improvisation of Roland.


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