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Have you ever dreamed of riding a sparkling white unicorn through the deepest forests and jumping through the rainbow's multicoloured rays? haven't you? oh, okay. but don't worry, we know why! just lacked the proper unicorn pajamas!

Unicorn pajamas are soft, cuddly, warm and just great. And no, you have nothing to be ashamed of if you're a grown woman and like to sleep in unicorn pajamas!

Let's talk a little more about unicorn pajamas so that you can learn all the important things about them and find the pajamas that are right for you.

Unicorn pyjamas for adults

Einhorn Schlafanzug für Erwachsene

Unicorn pajamas for kids
Einhorn Schlafanzug für Kinder

The ticket to the unicorn dream world

Since time immemorial, unicorn pyjamas have been made in the secret workshops of magical tailors so that people can enter the dream world of unicorns directly through the magic door.

Unicorns are very selective when it comes to letting people into their world. They need to know that we mean them no harm and that we are 100% convinced of their existence. That is why, as early as the Middle Ages, some people sewed unicorn pyjamas to prove to unicorns that they really believed in them.

Long ago, people often managed to enter the world of unicorn dreams thanks to unicorn pyjamas. Today, however, unicorns have become even tougher because the evil crawlers have learned this method. They have tricked unicorns into wearing unicorn pyjamas and have created incredible chaos in the unicorn dream world.

It was so bad that the sensitive mythical creatures could never really get over it, which is why they would only let someone in very rarely and under very special circumstances.

It was mostly children in unicorn pyjamas or adults who proved their faith and love for unicorns over the years.

Do you also want to be a magical being? Get yourself a unicorn costume!

What can unicorn pajamas do?

Okay, maybe we've had too many unicorn fantasies again... What are we gonna do about it? All these wonderful unicorn products fill our heads with so much funny gibberish that sometimes we don't even notice it. But then, it's incredibly funny!

Schöne Träume im Einhorn Pyjama

But so that you are not too disappointed in the end, we want to make a little effort and explain to you what a unicorn pyjama suit can really do - really.

First of all, they keep you warm. And then there's the fact that they're so cuddly. And, before we forget: It's so nice to wear them, especially the ones with the unicorn head that you can put over your head.

Not everyone who has ever slept in unicorn pajamas fell in love with them right away and never wanted to let go. And let's face it: sleeping in unicorn pajamas is really something special, isn't it?

It's perfectly natural to be in love with him. You can wear your unicorn pajamas not only to sleep, but also to relax, play or party.

Important: for each pair of unicorn pyjamas you need the matching unicorn slippers!

Unicorn pyjamas for adults

There will probably be few adults who will absolutely need pyjamas to transport them to the dream world of unicorns. Although we can only recommend it to everyone.

Nevertheless, there are many interesting offers in many bright colours for adult sizes. If you do not want to use the pyjamas for sleeping, you can also use them as a costume or put them on on a unicorn day.

However, if unicorn pyjamas are "too much" for you, but you still want to show your love for unicorns, check out the unicorn slippers!


Unicorn pyjamas for children

Children are probably more the target group for the cuddly and enchanting unicorn pyjamas. Little girls in particular would probably give anything for their own unicorn pyjamas. If you were a child, you would do the same!

For children, it's even nicer when they get unicorn fever and never get tired of these fabulous creatures. And as we have already said, unicorns like to let children into their dream world because they have never hurt them before.

So it is very likely that they will suddenly find themselves on the back of a sleeping unicorn, and as soon as they wake up they will have a drop of tree resin stuck to their face. Who wants to take this magical experience away from them?

What should I consider when buying unicorn pyjamas?

First of all, the pyjamas must look like a real unicorn. If they don't, dream unicorns will only taunt you and send you home. It is not a pleasant feeling.

So choose at least one that really looks like a unicorn, and don't settle for a bad imitation.

Otherwise, the following applies:

1. the right size

Ein Einhorn Schlafanzug sollte die richtige Größe haben
Example of unicorn pyjama size table

Of course, you should always check the size of your clothes. It is important that you first distinguish between children's and adult sizes.

Children's sizes are usually sold in one size. So if you're looking for unicorn pajamas for your child, just enter "Unicorn Pajamas Children" onLicorne Kawaii and you'll be inundated with wonderful offers.

As an adult, it's a good idea to buy pajamas that are too big rather than too small. You will be very comfortable in your sleep.

2. Treatment

Treatment is the key. In our sleep, we turn around (especially when we have wild adventures with unicorns), so of course the pajamas can be pulled from time to time. If the seams have not been finished to a high standard, they may tear. And nobody really wants that.


3. Equipment

To make it really soft, polyester should be avoided as a material. Flannel or cotton are much better, as these fabrics snuggle wonderfully and provide pleasant warmth.


4. Customer feedback

To make sure you receive comfortable unicorn pajamas when you buy them, you can read customer reviews. They also tell you if the pajamas are comfortable, warm and breathable.

Perhaps you will also find experiences about Einhorn's Dreams?

For little princesses, it is also recommended to order a beautiful unicorn headband!


Where can I get unicorn pajamas?

Visit the Licorne Kawaii shop, the easiest way to get Unicorn pyjamas is to use the Licorne Kawaii platform. Here you will find pyjamas in the brightest colours and the highest quality standards.

Experience shows that the delivery of Licorne  Kawaii is quick and easy. And if you notice that your Unicorn pyjamas are anything but soft and warm, you are more than welcome.

Can't wait to enter the world of unicorn dreams? If you've always been a loving being, maybe it could work.

But it's even more likely that a child will enter the dream world. Unicorn pajamas are therefore fabulous gifts for little ones! A sparkle in the eyes is pre-programmed.

Why not take a look at our small selection. We wish you lots of fun sailing and dreaming!


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